Maths Worksheet Generator 1.20.0

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Maths Worksheet Generator 1.20.0

Maths Worksheet Generator 1.20.0 | 4.1 Mb

Now you can create an endless supply of printable Math worksheets. Testing, refresher exercises and homework. The intuitive Wizard gives you the ability to easily customize each worksheet.

New in version 1.20
- New toolbar design
- Added new subtopics in "Divisibility" topic:
- Gcm of natural numbers
- Lcm of natural numbers
- Added new subtopic in "Rational numbers" topic:
- Addition and subtraction of repeating decimal numbers
- Added new subtopics in "Powers and roots":
- Writing radicals as rational exponents
- Writing rational exponents as radicals
- Addition and subtraction of cube roots
- Added new type of equation in "Equations" topic / "Equations involving roots" subtopic:
- New type of equation: sqr(x+a) + sqr(x+b) = c
- Added 5 new types of Indefinite integrals in "Indefinite integrals" topic / " Integration by parts III" subtopic:
- 5 new types of Indefinite integrals:
x * arctan ax
sin ln ax
cos ln ax
expx * sin ax
expx * cos ax
- Added new topic: "Vector calculus":
- Gradient
- Divergence
- Curl

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